Meals and Celebrations


Meals are prepared and served by the community every Monday and Wednesday evening. Half to three-quarters of our members dine at regular meals, and there are frequent guests, as well. Meals are generally vegetarian, and vegetarian and diary-free options are always available.Organic foods are preferred, but are not always found to be eco-nomical nor available. Whenever possible meals are planned around the produce from our organic garden.

Yearly Retreat

The community sets aside one weekend in the fall (and an occa- sional spring weekend) to celebrate community life and work on aspects of living in community.For many of us, this is the high- light of each year, and usually includes full participation of member households and associates.

Typically the weekend includes:

  • a candle lit gathering ritual
  • a slide show celebrating
  • the events of the year and
  • featuring all members,
  • associates, and renters
  • story telling around the fire
  • workshops for adults on
  • important issues such as
  • consensus decision
  • making, work teams
  • structure, conflict
  • resolution, values,
  • and envisioning our future
  • special activities and art
  • programs for children (according to age)


The community has naturally evolved into a routine of regularly celebrating various holidays and events, including

  • Yom Kippur dinner
  • spring maple sugaring
  • Thanksgiving dinner
  • bake-a-thon, auction
  • Sukkah construction and celebration
  • Halloween parade and party
  • Hanukkah candle lighting
  • gingerbread house making and holiday gift making
  • workshops
  • winter solstice bonfire and dancing
  • New Years' Eve games and midnight sledding